We help brands find their Y

About Us

Destro is derived from Italian and means ‘dextrous’ and ‘skilled.’
Destro was founded in 2020 in a Mt Eden flat when the world stood still. The streets were quiet and the days seemed long but due to the abundance of noise and creativity that flooded the flat, Destro was born.
About Us
Now based in Queenstown, New Zealand we specialise in promo staff, event management, experiential marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce and copywriting.
Myself, the founder of Destro Marketing, Events and Brand Experience has been in the event management and experiential marketing industry for 10+ years working in markets across New Zealand and the UK.
I have a Bachelor of Event Management with a Minor in Marketing from AUT University and, I have worked with a diverse range of clients, from FMCG, Beauty, Tech, Pharmaceutical, Property, Tobacco and Liquor.
I created Destro, as I wanted a place where I could help brands find their Y by creating memorable, engaging experiences that establish real-world connections & push boundaries.

If you’re interested in finding out more, send me a message or go view my following profiles, Unicorn Factory, Freelance Village ,  Virtual Assistant Network or https://yourva.co.nz/about/our-team/